The Complete Compliance Solution for California Cities and Counties. All SB 1383 data and documents in one place - complete, assessible, and secure.
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A cloud-based system designed to simplify compliance with SB 1383 and preparation of electronic annual reports to CalRecycle

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The Home For Your Implementation Record

Compliance: Simplified
SB1383 introduced an expansive regulatory system for organics recycling in California. Program compliance requires a robust, fully integrated system capable of meeting multiple challenges.
Recordkeeping and Reporting
1383-STATS functions as a city or county’s implementation record. Data, documents, and reports for all regulatory sections are available from an easy-to-use menu and dashboard.
Document Storage and Retrieval
Each user is provided with an online document catalog for storing copies of policies, agreements, educational materials, photos, invoices, and all other documents required.


Complete Control and Access

All program data and documents, from all sources - is always available and easily accessible.
Your implementation record dashboard is the starting point for finding, adding, and uploading everything required by the regulations.

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Data Integration

Seamlessly incorporate hauler reports, details of route inspections and waste evaluations, and data from food recovery organizations and food generators using our drag-and-drop feature.

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Use our standard report generators to monitor hauler collections and facility usage, customer participation rates, and GHG emission reductions. Our 1-click option retrieves all data needed for your electronic annual report (EAR) to CalRecycle. Download a sample.

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Add photos and other images to document inspections, complaints, and route audits. Each photo or image is automaticly linked to the related data record, and can be easily retrieved and downloaded.

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Optional Features
  • Upload customer/generator lists
  • Online forms for receiving complaints
  • Direct reporting by edible food generators and food recovery rganizations
  • Complete hauler reporting of collection, recycling, and disposal activity
  • Detailed program analytics