Assigning and Controlling Access

Each jurisdiction can have up to ten (10) username/password combinations to assign to staff. Certain functions can be limited to a designated individual with "Admin" access.

Separate login credentials can be provided to your haulers or consultants for uploading data files, reports, or photos and other documentation.

City of Springfield Authorized Users
Name Function Department Username
Bill Nixon Administrator Public Works xxxxx
Julian Cox Communication Public Info xxxxx
Ed Ramirez Hauler Records Public Works xxxxx
Airi Satou Inspections Public Health xxxxx
Brielle Williamson Waivers & Enforcement City Mgr Office xxxxx
Rhona Kim Food Recovery Public Health xxxxx
Jessie Sanchez Procurement Purchasing xxxxx

Everything in One Place

Your Implementation Record is the home for all data and documents, and if properly constructed, also a tool for monitoring the compliance status of your city or county. If must meet these criteria:

  • Include all data and documents required by the regulations
  • Be stored in a single location
  • Be accessible for inspection by CalRecycle

1383-STATS was designed to incorporate and integrate all elements of a jurisdiction's implementation record.

CalRecycle Inspections

CalRecycle will be inspecting your implementation record to verify that it is complete and up to date. We have been working with CalRecycle to make sure that our platform meets all requirements of the SB1383 regulations.

You can easily review your implementation record with CalRecycle at your office, or make arrangements for CalRecycle to view your implementation record remotely. Contact us for more information.

Hauler Monitoring

When your haulers file their collection reports, all data is immediately incorporated into your implementation record. You can easily track collection, recovery, and disposal quantities, facility usage, and types of materials collected.

Your haulers can use our online report forms or if they are filing for multiple cities, upload an Excel file.

1383-STATS also maintains a history of hauler approvals, suspensions, and reinstatements.

City of Springfield Hauler Reports
Hauler Name Report Period All Tons
All Cities Sanitation 2021-10 4,934 701 52.3%
Springfield Waste Services Oct 2021 2,034 214 49.1%
Westside Recycling Oct 2021 341 12 50.1%
All Cities Sanitation Sep 2021 5,103 722 51.1%
Springfield Waste Services Sep 2021 2,299 341 43.5%
Westside Recycling Sep 2021 401 0 44.1%
All Cities Sanitation Aug 2021 5,291 891 54.4%
Springfield Waste Services Aug 2021 2,122 391 52.6%
All Cities Sanitation Jul 2021 4,911 801 53.1%
Springfield Waste Services Jul 2021 2,298 401 49.4%
Westside Recycling Jul 2021 394 15 49.1%
Data Partners

Jurisdictions will likely have several data collection partners:

  • Haulers or consultants conducting route audits and waste evaluations
  • Third parties compiling lists of food recovery organizations and food generators
  • Environmental health departments inspecting edible food generators
  • PR companies conducting public outreach
  • Food recovery organizations reporting annual quantities of food received


1383-STATS offers several options for your data partners to add or link their data to your implementation record:

  • Access to online forms to manually enter data or upload documents
  • Upload Excel files with the results of route audits, waste evaluations, or other inspections.
  • Display data tables from the partner's website in your implementation record
  • Create links to documents or data stored in a partner-hosted site or file system

Connecting Components

The implementation record will have complaint, inspection and violation/enforcement records for generators. 1383-STATS makes it easy to link these records, simplifying monitoring and follow-up.
If a generator is flagged during a route audit for having contaminated containers, any past instances of contamination or violations is automatically linked to the current inspection record. Having this information can help jurisdictions determine if more outreach is required or if enforcement action is warranted.

Springfield Route Reviews
Upload File
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Route # Container
on Route
2022-01-15 RT563 Green 658 95 18
2022-01-25 RT577 Green 703 100 31
2022-02-04 RT311 Blue 992 120 55
2022-02-10 RT119 Green 721 96 65
2022-02-12 RT213 Green 698 100 51
2022-03-11 RT244 Blue 778 130 67
2022-03-15 RT254 Green 775 120 55
2022-03-22 RT265 Gray 873 110 25
2022-05-10 RT515 Gray 891 125 69
2022-05-12 RT513 Green 698 90 44
Complaint Detail
Date 2022-07-12
Generator Fred's Produce
Address 341 Grove St
Telephone 213-555-9024
Issue Bins overfilled, litter
Date Investigated 2022-07-22
Complainant Jeff Reynolds
Complainant Phone 213-555-5613
NOV Issued Yes
NOV Date 2022-08-02
Enforcement Pending
Fine Levied No
Documents and Photos

In addition to the documents such as agreements, invoices, policies, and procedures that must be included in the implementation record, there will be many instances for which photo documentation will be required. Documents and photos can be easily uploaded to a jurisdiction's image catalog that is part of its 1383-STATS account. All documents and photos are automatically linked to the related data record with a "download" link.

If some photos are in an image file hosted by a third party, such as a hauler, we can create links so that those documents can be viewed.

Period Reports

If haulers use the 1383-STATS online report forms for reporting their monthly collection activity, they will be providing data by:

  • Source (Single family, multifamily, commercial, etc.)
  • Material Type (Mixed waste, recyclables, green waste, food waste, etc.)
  • Facility used (the facility type and RDRS# are entered automatically)
  • Tons collected, recovered, disposed

Haulers can also report their gross receipts and have fee due calculated according to parameters entered by the jurisdiction.

Summary Reports

Summary reports can be generated by date range to include data summarized by:

  • Program (residential, commercial)
  • Material Type
  • Hauler - tons collected, recovered, disposed, recovery rate
  • Facilities used
Electronic Annual Reports (EAR)

1383-STATS provides a 1-click option for reteieving data required for completing a jurisdiction's electronic annual report to CalRecycle. Download a sample

Set-up is simple, and we are always available to provide asistance.