Simple and Effective Program Management

1383-STATS is the most effective tool for organizing and managing your SB 1383 compliance program.

Indexed and Organized

Jurisdictions must include more than 50 types of documents in their implementation record, plus related photographs and other media. 1383-STATS provides a guide to knowing what to include and the means for organizing and finding everything.

A Long-term Solution

Recordkeeping and reporting will be a permanent feature of your organics recycling program. 1383-STATS is your long-term partner for making that task manageable.

Flexible and Expandable

Our platform was built with flexibility in mind. As requirements change or increase, 1383-STATS will respond accordingly, with new features, reporting options, or whatever is required.

Large Cloud Storage Capacity

The capacity required to store copies of your policies and procedures, franchise agreements, hauler reports, invoices, and educational materials can be substantial. Your 1383-STATS cloud-based document catalog provides abundant storage capacity that will automatically expand to meet your needs.

Access From Anywhere

As a cloud-based platform, your 1383-STATS implementation record can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. You can assign access levels to different staff members or departments, and provide options for your haulers, consultants, and food recovery partners to upload data. If you wish, you can also provide limited remote access to CalRecycle.

Monitor Generator Compliance and Waiver Status

Upload hauler customer lists of internal generator lists to monitor compliance with AB 341, AB 1826, and SB 1383.
Pre-formatted search options enable users to easily generate lists of:
  1. Generators by type (commercial or multifamily)
  2. Tier 1 or Tier 2 edible food generators
  3. Multifamily buildings with 5 or more units
  4. Generators with approved waivers
  5. Generators eligible for waivers but without a current waiver
  6. Waivers to be reviewed by renewal date
  7. Generators not compliant with AB 341, AB 1826, or SB 1383
The generator detail pages can also be set up to list educational materials a generator has received and any site visits, inspections, or other contacts.

Generator Dashboard

All Generators
  Covered Compliant Compliance Pct
AB 341 873 871 99.8%
AB 1826 1,058 661 62.5%
SB 1383 2,188 191 8.7%
Commercial Generators
  Covered Compliant Compliance Pct
AB 341 326 324 99.4%
AB 1826 511 114 22.3%
SB 1383 586 130 22.2%
Multifamily Generators
  Covered Compliant Compliance Pct
AB 341 547 547 100%
AB 1826 547 547 100%
SB 1383 1,602 61 3.8%

Examples of Your Implementation Record Components

Review some of these examples of how the components of your implementation record can be organized. Tables of summary records include links to drill down into the details and download related documentation such as photographs and reports.
Document Catalog

Easy Upload. Simple Searches.

Point and click to add documents to your catalog. Then create a data record to describe the document and automatically include a download link.
Consolidated List
Several sections of your implementation record include options for uploading documents, but all can be found from this single list.
Expandable Capacity
The capacity of your document catalog will expand to meet your needs. It is dedicated to your jurisdiction and will only include those documents that you upload.

Monitor Your Food Recovery Partners

Create and maintain your lists of food recovery organizations and edible food generators, or enable these partners to self-register. These program partners can also report the quantities of food recovered and distributed directly to your implementation record.
  • Easily add and edit partner details
  • Monitor recovered food quantities
  • Access capacity data for planning and outreach

Online Form and Customized Requirements

Your haulers can use our standardized online forms to report their monthly collection, recycling, and disposal quantities and facility usage details. During setup, you can customize the reporting requirements.
  • Review complete collection details
  • Track recovery rates by program and generator
  • Access a variety of reports and program analytics
  • Monitor facility usage