About 1383 STATS
A summary of key information about this service.
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Target Users
  • California cities and counties
  • Organic waste haulers
  • Food recovery organizations and food banks
  • Edible food donors
  • Refuse collectors and other service providers
1383-STATS is a cloud-based recordkeeping and reporting system for agencies and companies subject to California's SB1383 regulations. Registered users access the system from standard web browsers.
Hosting and Security
All files and databases are hosted in a secure data center located in El Segundo CA. This facility employs military-grade security features and protocols. All files are backed-up multiple times per day.
Data Policy
1383-STATS acts as a custodian of its user's data, and does not assume any ownership or responsibility for the content of data and documents entered by its users. All data and documents submitted and uploaded by users remain the property of those users.
1383-STATS was created and is managed by MDM Analytics, Inc., a California corporation based in Nevada County. The principals of the firm have been providing program development and management services to cities, counties, and companies in the waste management and recycling industry for more than twenty years. In recent years, the company has focused on meeting the needs of these agencies and companies for customized data management solutions. Contact MDM Analytics for more information.
Since 2012, haulers in California have been using our flagship service, FacilityStats, to report their collection and recycling activity to the cities where they have accounts and franchises. This service enables haulers to utilize standardized forms but also enables cities to specify customized reporting requirements. Cities have access to a variety of reports and analytics, including material recovery rates by source, facility usage, customer counts, and greenhouse gas emission reductions resulting from their recycling programs.