Features and Pricing
Standard 1383-STATS Features
Implementation Record Utilize 1383-STATS as the implementation record defined in section 18995.2 of the regulations.
Multiple Users Each city or county can have up to 10 registered users, such as public works, planning, code compliance, environmental health, or administration.
Online Document Storage and Retrieval Each jurisdiction has exclusive access to its own online document catalog for uploading ordinances, franchise agreements, policies and procedures, invoices, education materials, and other documents required by the regulations. Data records are created for each uploaded document so that each one can be easily located and downloaded.
Hauler Reports Haulers use online forms to report monthly organics collections and facilities used. All reports immediately become part of the implementation record.
Contamination Monitoring Record details of all waste evaluations and route reviews.
Food Recovery List of food recovery organizations and edible food generators.
Compliance Inspections Record details of all inspections of generators with 2 or more yds. of waste and edible food generators.
Program Details Record collection program details, hauler assignments, and service areas.
Facility Usage Facility details and usage are added directly from hauler reports.
Procurement Record details of all purchases (by city and other parties). Copies of invoices are uploaded to the online document catalog.
Self Haulers Maintain lists of approved self haulers.
Waivers Record and track all approved waivers, including renewal dates.
Education and Outreach Record event details and description of materials distributed (copies uploaded to the document catalog)
Complaints and Enforcement Record and track details of complaints received, including investigations, follow-up, and related enforcement actions.
Cal Green Record project details. Details can be entered by planning staff.
Water Efficiency Ordinance Record details of projects subject to the ordinance.
Juristiction Pricing

Set up charge..............$450
Monthly fee...................$149

Optional Features Avaiable
  1. Complete hauler reporting and access to additional reports and program analytics from FacilityStats.com
  2. Incorporate mandatory reporting by edible food generators and food recovery organizations
  3. Upload results of inspections, route reviews, and waste evaluations from Excel files or directly from mobile devices.
  4. Increase the number of registered users.
  5. Upload and maintain hauler customer lists.
  6. Enable residents and businesses to submit complaints from links on your agency's website and receive automatic email notifications whenever a new complaint is recorded.
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